60 Day Guarantee

   "We take on the responsibility of your lice infestation, 
so you can get on with life!"

The Gist:

1) Client has Initial Treatment

2) Client comes back for Paid Follow-up 3-7 days later
    •client is given 1st Free Head Check Coupon
        client's 30 Day Unconditional Guarantee starts

3) Client comes back in 25-30 days for Free Head Check

4) Client's 2nd 30 Day Unconditional Guarantee starts
    •client is given 2nd Free Head Check Coupon

5) Client uses 2nd Free Head Check within next 30 days     
    (between days 31-60)

The Unconditional Guarantee:

1) If 
client has nits or lice at either Free Head Checks, Minnesota Lice Lady will retreat at no cost.

2) In addition, if you are re-infested, we will give FREE head checks to your closest friends to help identify where it's coming from - we mean it when we say we take over the responsibility and you will be done with lice.

  • We NEVER ask you to comb out - we are the professionals and take full responsibility for the work you are paying us to do  

  • NO need to clean your environment from top to bottom (prudent cleaning guidelines will be given) because cleaning has nothing to do with our guarantee (and lice do not survive in the environment)

  • MUST come in for your first free head check "30 Day Head Check" on or near your 30 day buzzer (25-30 days after paid follow-up); THEN receive your additional 30 day guarantee
  • EVEN if you get re-infested by a friend our 60 Day Guarantee is your safety net and we will give FREE head checks to your closest friends to help identify where it's coming from!!
The Finer Print:

60 Day Guarantee

All treatments with a follow-up head check (within 3-7 days) include a 30 Day Guarantee. Exceptions include treatments done at camps or pro bono treatments. The follow-up treatment must be performed to ensure all lice and nits were removed and the client has not been re-infested in order for the guarantee to be honored. 

When client comes back for their 30 Day Free Head Check, then client receives another 30 Day Guarantee - starting from that 30 Day Free Head Check date.

All family members living with treated member/s must be given head checks (unless traveling out of state) in the first 24 hours of initial treatment for guarantee to be honored. All family members found with nits or lice need to be treated by Minnesota Lice Lady in order for the guarantee to go into effect.

If you find a louse or nit anytime during your 30 or 60 day guarantee, you must SAVE it in a zip lock bag or tape it to a piece of paper and bring it in.  We will re-treat the client for free to ensure 100% lice and nit removal. We will also discuss all possible 'contact' scenarios to determine where the client may be getting re-infested and give a free head check to close friends most likely to have had contact during that time period.

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