Hiring a Professional? Important Questions to Ask

Minnesota Lice Lady was the first full lice removal business and salon in the state of Minnesota. Prior to going professional and starting Minnesota Lice Lady, the owner had 7 years experience performing free lice services to friends. Since going professional, many businesses have caught the "bug" and begun treating people with lice. Here are some important questions to ask anyone offering lice treatment services:

Certified?                          Are they certified by a reputable institute to do lice removal treatments?
Guarantee?                      Do they offer a guarantee for their services? 
Follow-up?                       Do they do a follow-up or recheck within 7 days to ensure that all lice and nits are gone
d there has been no reinfestation by others?
                                                 (Gold standard for lice removal services around the world)
Strand-by-Strand?         Do they visually inspect hair strand by strand for nits and bugs missed by comb?
Client Combs Out?        Do they remove all lice and nits or will client be required to comb out nits every day for a
set amount of days?
Buy Products?                Is client required to buy products? 
Product/Device Kills?    Are there claims that the product or device will kill 100% lice and nits? 
                                                  (No study shows any device or product as 100% pediculicidal or ovicidal)
Treat Everyone?             Can the treatment be done on EVERYONE? Or is treatment not safe for all or too
                                                   difficult on certain heads?
Quarantine Rooms?       Does client have to clean their entire house and bag every item for guarantee?
Pricing Posted?               Is the pricing structure clearly posted?
Hidden Fees?                   Are there additional fees for thicker hair, higher infestation, more product used?

Note: Studies show that no OTC pesticide, prescription, natural product, comb, machine or gizmo is 100% effective in killing, removing or eradicating lice and nits. Strand-by-strand full lice and nit removal is the safest and globally the gold standard for eradicating lice.

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