As head lice removal experts, we take over the responsibility for your lice infestation and back it up with a NO QUESTIONS asked 30 day guarantee - the best in the industry: 

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Clients are nit and lice FREE in ONE treatment - you will be done with lice we GUARANTEE IT!!

You don't do anything - no combing - we take over - for your peace of mind!

With lice, experience matters - our team of lice experts have a combined experience of 6 years!

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2 FREE head checks per full treatment - valid up to 60 days!

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Time: Unfortunately seasoned families know that without expert knowledge and professional tools it sometimes can take 3 - 6 months to eradicate lice.  

Pesticide Resistance: Parents buy toxic pediculicides such as NIX & RID ($20 per application). When repeated applications fail they begin to question the efficacy of the products and try alternatives.  Harvard School of Public Health concluded in 1999 that some strains of lice have grown resistant to the pesticide permethrin in NIX & RID. "Pesticide Resistant Head Lice Found in the United States", 1999, Harvard School of Public Health. 

Health: The U.S. EPA classifies the neurotoxin permethrin (also used in the bug killer RAID) as a "likely to be a carcinogenic to humans". "U.S. EPA. Registration Eligibility Decision (RED) for Permethrin", May 2009, United States Environmental Protection Agency. 

Expertise/Sanity: The Minnesota Lice Lady ELIMINATES lice and nits with proven SAFE products and professional grade tools that WORK the FIRST TIME so you can get on with life!!

Whether you have only one louse with a couple of nits - or an entire family infestation, the Minnesota Lice Lady¬©  will calm your nerves as she uses the best proven delousing tools to eliminate head lice for your whole family all in one session.  You will learn factual lice information (based on the latest scientific research) and be given sensible house cleaning instruction all with light-hearted humor to get you and your family feeling sane again.

Then to ensure your long-term peace of mind, she will do a follow-up head check within 3-7 days later - guaranteed for 30 days! Let the delousing begin!

Confidential and thorough lice and nit removal services for the entire family - and your closest friends...


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