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Unprecedented Circumstances 

Demand Exceptionally Creative Solutions

To mitigate spread of CoV-2, we have made the very difficult decision to temporarily shut down our in-home and in-clinic services. However, as lice are unaffected by this virus, helping clients get lice free is still our core commitment. Therefore for the time being, we are implementing a new service:

Introducing TeleHealth with

For clients experiencing a lice outbreak during the pandemic, we have partnered with, the premiere provider of telehealth services.

Video Consultation

Click booknow for Online Video Consultation 

After booking, you will receive a email confirmation.
It will direct you to use your device (smart TV, laptop, tablet, smartphone) 
to enter our waiting room at your scheduled appointment time.

One of our expert staff will guide you in your personal video consultation.
They will directly partner with you every step of the lice removal process.

Lice Screening &
Removal Services

$90/hour (HSA approved)

 Lice Removal Kit

Professional grade tools and products, essential to eliminate lice

Lice & Nit Screening

Detailed, hands on instruction on  performing lice
head checks

Lice Removal

Expert combing demonstration and instruction on lice and nit removal

Q & A

Expert advice on cleaning, transmission, lice life cycle and lice myths/facts

Lice Removal Kit
$38 (HSA approved)

Logo Only.png

1 Terminator Nit Comb

1 Repel Enzyme

2 Hair Clips, 2 Combs

1 Magnifier

Lice Identification Card
Prudent Cleaning Guidelines

Follow-up Services
$25/half hour (HSA approved)

Follow-up Services

Completed 5 days after initial lice removal. Subsequent services scheduled as needed in intervals of 5-7 days. 

We're In This Together

We fully understand that having lice during this already stressful time is an incredibly overwhelming burden. We are here to get families back to as much normalcy as possible. Our commitment to you is that we will walk this road with you, yes, until you get to the other side. Because we know, that the only way through any of this, is together.

So let's roll up our sleeves and get those buggers out! Together, we've got this!

Gonne Asser
Owner and CEO
Minnesota Lice Lady 
April 2020                                                                                           Isaiah 43:16-21

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