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Limited Time - 50% Full Treatment with a Trainee
One discount per treatment. Subject to availability. Includes 60 day guarantee.


Available days, evenings and weekends by appointment. Click to Book now.
Walk-ins are welcome M_F 9:15am to 4:00pm at our Edina location for head checks. Call 612.564.0678, book online or email: info@mnlicelady.com to check immediate availability.


  • $10 short hair; $15 long hair
  • Please allow up to 15 minutes per head check. Charge waived if full treatment is done.
Full Lice Removal Treatment (per lice technician)
  • $80/hour in salon
  • $95/hour in home ($95 minimum)

    $39 - Short hair. Typical male or boy cut and majority of moms with mild cases.
    $79 - Shoulder length hair with mild to medium infestations.
    $119 - Mid-back hair with mild to medium infestations.
    $159 - Larger infestations.

    *Examples of typical cases. Each situation is unique. Only pay for what you need to get rid of lice.
Follow-up Recheck (within 3-7 days of initial treatment)
  • $10 short hair; $15 long hair
  • Typical time: 15 - 30 minutes
  • 10% discount on appointments scheduled weekdays midday 11:30am - 12:30pm
Compare Costs to see how much head lice has cost many families before they have come to see us.

School Screenings
  • Free screenings 
  • Book with manager with minimum 3 days lead time
  • Within 25 mile radius from Edina Salon
Daycare Centers and Camps
Pro Bono and Reduced Rates
  • Life Threatening Illness: Please contact us for more information about reduced rates for families living with a life threatening illness
  • Military Discount 10%: Active Duty, Veterans, Retirees, Reservists and their dependents
  • Senior Citizen Discount 10%: 65 years and older 
  • We also offer 50% discount for treatments during employee training.
60 DAY GUARANTEE (Your Peace of Mind)

All full treatments with a follow-up (within 3-7 days) include a 60 day guarantee. The follow-up treatment must be performed to ensure there is no re-infestation and all lice and nits are removed in order for the guarantee to be honored.

  • Free phone consultations 24/7 for your peace of mind
  • Free school and parent educational seminars
  • Lice treatment products available for sale at our Edina location during business hours
  • For additional information and free downloads click here

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