True Peace of Mind! I cannot say enought about the level of service, education and comfort provided at MN lice Lady. They took amazing care of my kids and we learned so much about
how to truly avoid lice in the future. Kristin was especially outstanding!
  • E.H.
Awesome Service AWESOME! is the best word to describe this company. Would highly 
recommend them to anyone. Educated and great with kids!
  • A.L.
These guys are the best! They are great with kids, (and with moms). They made my kids feel comfortable and were very efficient! I felt very confident that we didn't have anything to worry about once we left. The follow up appointments give even more peace of mind. The education they provided is as valuable as the services they provide. I would HIGHLY recommend them. AND you can use your flex spending to reimburse the cost. Best decision I made!
  • Aimee
Close Encounter of the Creepy Kind We had a scare of possible lice, MNLL was referred. They MORE than delivered. 
Peace of Mind, worth it.
  • Jaci B.
Lice Ladies The ladies were fabulous, I was so worried and I have such long thick hair and they combed through it all then did a visual check for me and I was clear. NO bugs, what a relief to me. Thank you for having a place like this to come to, if it ever happens that I do get it I will definitley come back. I have already referred my sister with her daughter.
  • Sandy Rose
Mother of 2 boys
I called at 5:15 on a Friday night, 15 minutes after they had closed and she stayed 
open until 7:30 to treat me and my 2 boys. Bugs are gone! My friends have spent a 
year battlling a round of lice. Very nice people.
  • Kathleen Nelson
Excellent Service
Definitely would recommend them to anyone. They do a very thorough job to give a 
person peace of mind. It's also nice they offer the follow up checks so a person can 
make sure everything is clear.
  • T.H.
Awesome is all I can say....in every way. This service made our lice experience so
much better than it could have been. I was a bit unsure at first, knowing how difficult 
lice can be, but now I am confident knowing our problem was taken care of quickly and completely. I definitely recommend this service to everyone.
  • Happy customer
Go to them, amazing!!!
The education I recieved, the treatment, the care was second to none. They are 
amazing. I would go to them anytime & encourage others.
  • M.T.
Lice Lady They are very helpful, very thoughtful, and very understanding of the situation. 
Pleasant people to work with and will go out of their way to help you.
  • anonymous
MN Lice Lady, my new best friends
My daughter has thick curly hair and got lice. My worst nightmare. We brought her in a had the best experience ever! The staff is comforting and pros at their jobs. You feel at ease and relaxed and if my daughter ever gets LICE again (I hope not) I will be back in to see my new best friends.
  • Hillary J
Quick and Easy Had our 4 yr old son checked out after a couple days of head itching. The head
check was fast and easy and done with a smile ... and we were happy to find he 
has a simple case of dry scalp :)
  • David P
Thank goodness for Lice Lady!
I did 4 treatments on my daughter and STILL she was full of nits and baby lice
when I finally took her in to Lice Lady. They insisted I be checked too and found I 
had lice as well. They were accomodating and got me in the same night as my
daughter. I think what I appreciated the most was the friendliness of the staff. They all seemed like a family and were so nice and personable.
  • Ann Petermeier
A great experience with MN Lice Lady!
I was able to gain peace of mind after bringing my daughter to MN Lice Lady. They were very accommodating and put my mind at ease. They provided a lot of great information that helped ease the stress and my daughter is lice free!!
  • Paula S.
Turn seeming disaster to a mere nuisance
Service was super-friendly, much new information to put us at ease that we didn't have a future of house cleaning upheaval to worry about. Myth begone. Wow. I can't even picture how I would have handled 4 kids & myself - on my own. Worth the money for the relief of mind. Thank you for turning this from what could have been hours of h*!* to a 'mere' inconvenience
  • Kirstin H.
Over the counter products don't work!
After spending over $300.00 on chemicals and products that don't work, I found the Minnesota Lice Lady. I was relieved to know that there was a place where my family could go to take care of this problem. I am so grateful to have finally found them and we are now Lice Free!
  • B.W.
Ignore the old wives tales!
freaked out when the lice ladies confirmed my son had lice...I almost started hyperventilating when they confirmed my daughter had it too. However, within 5-10 minutes I understood that it was an issue easily managed and I didn't have to "exterminate" my entire house to get ride of the problem. I am calm and my kids are lice free. Priceless!
  • Jennifer S.
Best $15 I ever spent!
A case of lice was recently reported in my daughter's class so I took her in to the MN Lice Lady for a thorough check. The industrial sized nit comb did the trick and we walked out of there relieved to know that (1) she was all clear and (2) we were armed with lots of myth-busting information about lice and how to repel them. I would not hesitate to go there for a treatment if we needed it. The staff were great!
  • M.R.
Wouldn't do it any other way!
My daughter has had lice twice this year. The first time, we did the Cetaphil/shower cap remedy on the advice of the school nurse. 4 months later, she had it again. This time, I didn't mess around. The 60 day lice-free guarantee and peace of mind was worth every penny spent. The ladies who served us were very kind and reassuring. I hope I never have to deal with lice again, but if I do, I know where I will be going--MN Lice Lady!
  • A.B.
Wouldn't mess around with anything else
After we found our kids had lice, we hit the Google with full force. After looking at all the options a family member said, "don't waste your time, just go to the MN Lice Lady." That was the best advise we could have ever had. The online registration is a breeze and we go in right away. The kids had fun with the coloring station and the movies. Don't mess around, go to the MN Lice Lady and get it done with. You won't be disapointed. Plus it was covered by our health insurance!!!
  • Kris Swarthout
Great experience if you have to go through it
The Lice Ladies made this experience the best it could be- if you have to go throught it- let the Lice Ladies make it better for you. We did the at home treatment, but I did not work. took myself and my daughter to the Lice Lady. It's certainly a good thing I did because I had a ton of lice that were still shacking up on my head. My daughter still had nits as well. They did a wonderful job! Thanks LICE LADIES you are the best.
  • Joy Berg
Great Service
Thank you for a positive, educational experience! I feel so much more confident and informed after our visit for a head check, instead of paranoid and worried. The service and care is outstanding. 
  • J.N.
Loved it!
Thank you so much for taking what could be a very unpleasant issue to deal with and making it a great experience! Thank you!
  • Jeannine W.
I'm no longer insane ;o)
After 5 days of nit- picking (2 girls and a boy) at home and not being really successful, anyone could see I was going crazy. My husband was kind to point it out. I was happy to get my sanity back letting professionals do the job!
  • Maria Estella Larson
I brought my family of 5 in....your staff was friendly and understanding and very patient. Every question I had was thoroughly answered When kids were getting antsy, your staff initiated a game and diverted their attention. Although only one confirmed case was made (phew!), we all felt a lot better knowing that we had been checked carefully. Thank you!
  • M.K.
Overwhelmed no more
Thank you all so much. I brought my entire family of four in and they made the entire experience comfortable and educational. We all left happy and bug free.
  • Janell H
Absolute life saver!
With my daughter's thick dark hair, it would have taken me days to find what I didn't even know how to identify! You saved me!
  • Sara L
Great Relief
It is nice to get service that is not only helpful, but kind, reassuring and non-judgmental as well. Thanks you so much for helping this mom feel better about a terrible potential problem.
  • R.C.
3 Ladies with Lice
My daughter was the first one spotted with lice. I went to the pharmacy and bought the over the counter Rid. Sadly and shockingly it didn't work. I then took her and myself in to the lice ladies for a head check and they found several live lice on my daughter and some nits on me. The next dayboth of my daughter and I went in for treatments. We went back three days later and we were clean. I hope to never have lice again, but if I do I will for sure go back to the Lice Ladies!
  • E.B.
Great Experience
After a few people in my daughters preschool got Lice, I decided we should go get checked. As soon as we stepped in the door the employees were engaging, kind, and fun! They took all 3 of us back and checked us thoroughly and timely. It was determined that none of us had lice, but the sweet gal doing my daughters hair, told her all she could find was pink elephants. She still talks about it, days later!
  • Emily Potter
The Best Place in Town!
I discovered my daughter had lice 9:30 at night. They not only answered the phone, but talked us through what to do! First thing the next morning we had our whole family checked and two kids treated! They do everything possible to help the kids relax. Movies, water, snacks. I was put to ease then minute I walked in the door. Everyone was SO nice and a wealth of information. When in doubt go see the MN. Lice Lady! It is worth EVERY penny!
  • Kati K
What a Relief
I got a call from my daughter's school the 2nd day back at work from maternity leave! Her head was infested and I was at a loss. I went online and read the reviews and promptly made an appointment. The staff my the entire family at ease and made what I thought was a crisis into something manageable. They put us all at ease and the education we got was so helpful! I would go back again in a heartbeat! Thanks for everything!
  • Tara J
Peace of Mind
Lice had been going around my daughter's classroom. I was making myself crazy with worry. So I went to Mn Lice Lady to get us all checked out. No Lice, Yeah! The staff was so patient with me making them double check. They were so kind, friendly, supportive and informative. They put my mind at ease. I would definitely recommend them!
  • J.B.
Twin Cities mom
I stopped in their office to have my first grade daughter checked--they were quick, courteous, friendly and informative. Definitely visit the MN Lice Ladies if you are having any trouble with lice (and maybe they could even help with tribbles!).
  • Pam Schmidt
Calmed many fears
Thank you so much for calming, not only my fears, but many others at our school this morning! When I overheard you tell one of the students, who was really grossed out at teh thought of having lice, "Having lice is a good thing, it means you have a lot of good friends." I instantly knew, you were the place we will automatically go to from now on. You instantly relaxed that child and you made us parents smile. Thank you so much!
  • Liza Schwab
Very professional and informative
I was reluctant to make the long drive from Andover but when I learned that not only my daughter had lice but I had it I needed help. There was no way I could go through my own hair and my husband... well he gave up after 5 minutes. Now I know what to look for and if the little pests are found again I know where to go. Please open a place in the north metro.
  • Ann Curnow
Skip the other treatments...
We got the notes from school about lice in the classroom. Didn't really know what I was looking for, but went to the drug store to by the over the counter treatment as I found nits. Realize now that those don't work, after putting poison on my child's hair. We then went to MN Lice Lady & that should've been the first step! The process was great & my kids are MUCH MORE PATIENT with nice 'strangers' than with me. Whole family got checked & we are lice/nit free. Learned so much. Thank you!!
  • Stephanie
Will recommend to others!
MN Lice Lady helped take away the stress and anxiousness of having lice. The well tranined and kind staff gave me a peace of mind knowing they had gone through every strand of hair on his head and gave me great information about the transmission of lice. They answered ALL of my questions and put my mind at ease. I heard of this service from a friend of a friend and will highly recommend MN Lice Lady to others in the future.
  • Alison
Can't say enough great things...
You can tell the owner manages her team with kindness & respect, and they pass that along to every client who walks through the door. One of my daughters has an extremely sensitive scalp, but they had such patience, even baking cookies to cheer her up. We left armed with confidence that we are bug & nit-free. I hear horror stories about parents who dump pesticides on their children to no avail. No one wants to talk about a lice problem, but spread the word that there's such a better solution.
  • A.D.
Highly Recommend
I was horrified when I found a bug in my daughter’s hair.I ran to the drugstore, got medicine, followed the steps and thought we were good to go, until I found another bug.I did a search to find someplace to go & came across MN Lice Lady; I was able to get an appt the next day. The people were so kind.My daughter was offered a movie to watch and after sitting for 2 hours we were given the all clear. I would recommend this salon to anyone and will definitely go back if we have another outbreak!
  • Lori V
Worth it!
No more paranoia about whether my daughter's lice has returned! After she dealt with lice 4X in 3 mos, I was at my wit's end. I treated her myself, then brought her in for a head check, and they found more! In 2 hours, the staff completed treatment of her very thick hair, as well as combouts for my 2 sons (nits found), while the kids watched a video. The staff were friendly & accommodating, & we went home feeling extremely relieved that we are all lice-free.
  • Kim
The best ally a mom could have
Thank you so much for existing MN Lice Lady! With three daughters, and I life to manage it was so nice to have somewhere I could be treated, and have my kids checked as second time. I felt like a had an evidence-based ally in the battle against lice. I thought the staff, and atmosphere of the salon were helpful in putting us all at ease, and helping us to get through the ordeal as quickly as possible. You are well worth the money and the drive. Glad a friend mentioned your services!
  • Jennifer
Peace of mind
The money is well worth it! The girls were very informative and answered all my questions! It was great to learn that I didn’t have to go crazy cleaning my house and to learn how long the bugs can live off of our heads! I hope I never need this service for a second time, but would definitely go back if we get lice again.
  • J.M.
The Experts!
After discovering this place, we have been there twice. They know everything about this unfortunate mess. The security that is provided by people who are not making guesses about what they are seeing on a comb and have down-to-earth, intelligent advice about what you actually need to do, can't be topped. Don't mess around with anyone else!
  • C.R.
Great Service!
This is the 5th time that we've had a lice bout in two years. We had always been able to rid of the creatures on our own; but we were exhausted after this run. Turns out 3 of 4 of us had it! So glad that the team was there to help. Pleasant to work with and well worth the time and money. Thank you!
  • F.D.
Exceeds Expectations
I believe the the staff at MN Lice Lady would like nothing more than to never see me again, however are very pleasant when I arrive to get service. As recommended we get head checks monthly. I will highly recommend and continue to use the services provided at Minnesota Lice Lady!
  • Jeff Worden
Merry Crittermas
My daughter has thick long hair. There was no way I could go through her hair. They take care of the lice, they made the 3 hour process pleasant as for her. I learned a tremendous amount and was able to enjoy the rest of the holidays...no chemicals, no additional product, didn't do a thing to my house, they did the 3 hours of work and 1/2 follow-up strand by strand. We are COMPLETELY lice free! Yes, worth every penny!!! You ladies are awesome!
  • A.A.
Unwelcomed Christmas Gift! 
As a single mother I was at my wits end! I found it absolutely impossible to check my own head. Minnesota Lice Lady saved my Christmas! I thought I would be home alone for Christmas, but they were able to get me in immediately. Well worth the 2 hour drive to get there!!! Would definitely recommend this business to anybody out there battling these invasive parasites, you are rid of them within a few hours, no harmful chemicals and worth every cent! Thanks ladies!!
  • C.H.
So grateful for this business!
We experienced our first Lice occurrence and I am so grateful for this business! They were extremely thorough, accommodating, and comforting during this stressful time. I would recommend the Lice Lady to anyone. It is worth every single penny. You will spend the same amount or more buying harmful chemicals and doing it yourself. Just go the the Lice Lady!
  • KT
Thank you!
I got a call from the school nurse saying that my daughter has lice. I was MORTIFIED, and honestly didn't even know where to begin. My sister said that before doing anything, I needed to call the lice lady. They got my daughter in with in a few hours, and they were wonderful. 
  • A.S.
Fun, Easy and Painless!
We went for our 30 day checks and the technicians make it such a pleasurable experience. Kudos to all the technicians that are employed there. Every one that we have had (about 4 now) have all had the same child-centered, compassionate and fun-loving approach. As a mom I really appreciate this characteristic of this business. We will continue to come back for random checks for a peace of mind and to make sure lice doesn't enter our family again.
  • Jennifer S
Efficient, Easy, Polite!
This was our 30 day check. The technician was so polite, so child-centered focused. She was efficient and timely. We have no problem coming back for future checks. They make it such a pleasant experience!
  • Allison S
Awesome Service
Great place, great job and awesome people. Lice is a major pain and they do all the work and you can relax knowing your family is in EXCELLENT hands!!!!
  • Leslie L
We had an excellent experience at the lice lady. Everyone was so knowledgable and helpful and truly eased our minds about dealing with the lice. I was truly confident when we left that they were gone and I was armed with a wealth of accurate information for the future. Truly the best money spent to deal with lice! I would highly recommend the mn lice lady to anyone!
  • Jessie Batchelor
Knowledge is Power
We learned so much from the caring, compassionate and expertly knowledgeable staff. Now, I tell everyone about our experience and work hard to dispel common myths that shame and prevent people from addressing the topic of lice openly. Thank you, I will be an eternal advocate.
  • Heather Camardello
Worth every penny
I had hoped to be told it was dandruff and when I was wrong the ladies and gentlemen were fantastic. As a single mom to 4, I spend money cautiously but this was worth it..100%. My girls and I would never had the patience to work through this. I left with confidence that we are clear. They are the best.
  • Teresa Weiland
This is the place to go if ANYONE in your family has lice! They are wonderful, treat you with respect and you walk out of there with your life back! I spent 3 days trying to do this myself with nit picking and washing everything in our site - wish I would have saved the time and went here right away!
  • Family of 4
Peace of Mind!
If anyone has lice, this is the place that will take care of it! Making the appointment was easy, the owner and staff were wonderful to my 4 and 2 year and myself. They had movies and snacks to keep the kiddos occupied and keep them at ease. Left feeling extremely satisfied!
  • J.K.
love them!
Mn lice lady made a crappy experience pleasant, quick and easy! The peace of mind I got after going there was well worth the money!! Thank you mn lice lady!!
  • J.S.
Ease your mind and go to MN Lice Lady!
Go to MN Lice Lady!!! The owners and staff are extremely friendly and comforting, esp to kids. My 5 year old is EXTREMELY sensitive. They had movies and snacks to make the experience more comfortable, and the staff was so friendly and sweet to her. They allowed us to go home and get on with our lives knowing we were all lice free! Definately worth it.
  • Rachel M.
Highest Marks
I am so grateful that in this experience that started out stressful we found the Lice Lady. The staff made us feel so at ease. We were actually laughing. Hanna has such a big heart and it comes through. She is a real expert! We started out with visions of treatments and re-treatments, and we left with complete peace of mind. I will NEVER treat lice on my own. The peace of mind is priceless. I cannot say enough good things about The Lice Lady.
  • Lisa E.
Happy Thanksgiving!
5 minutes before we left for Grandma and Grandpa's house on Thanksgiving morning, I found lice on my daughter's head. I thought my long holiday weekend would be spent quarantined, nit picking and cleaning. The people at the MN Lice Lady got us in within a few hours of my calling on Friday morning. We walked out of there completely free of the critters and without a worry. Never saw a bug or nit after we left. Thanks for saving our holiday weekend and my sanity!
  • Josie R.
They restored my sanity and peace in my home!
Having never dealt with lice before, I was very freaked out, since I discovered that not only did I have it, but so did my 3 kids!!! Talk about stress! I can not adequately express what a difference it means in my stress and anxiety levels knowing that I do not actually need to basically fumigate or wash every single item touched by all of us (which would take hours and hours) It is such a relief knowing we are bug free...and that we can NOT get them again from our inanimate objects!
  • Mary S
Treated and Treated Well
The Mn Lice Ladies treated my granddaughter, and the rest of our family and made her feel good. We were lucky that it had not spread to anyone beyond our granddaughter. I was so impressed with the way they educate and treat their clientele. They were so thorough we all felt "free" when we left. Thank you Lice Ladies!!
  • Sheila S.
I have never experienced lice before and then found out my daughter, son, and myself had it. This was a nightmare! I tried the pharmacy products first and they did not work. My friend told me about the MN Lice Lady and I immediately made appointments for all of us. They did an amazing job removing the lice and teaching me more about lice. I would recommend their service to anyone with head lice!
  • B.F.
Fabulous Service
My daughter came home with lice. The staff here is very knowledgable, patient and will set your mind at ease. They got rid of my daughters lice and made the process bearable for a wiggly 5 year old.
  • Erin S
I was able to sleep well again...
They are so through and get all the nits out of your hair -- I was finally able to get a good nights sleep know my hair was nit free. A positive experience; I highly recommend the Lice Ladies!
  • Keri O.
Highly recommended!
What wonderful service--it was so easy! My daughter actually had fun going through the treatment thanks to the kind, wonderful technicians. I highly recommend Mn Lice Lady to anyone dealing with lice.
  • c.o.
Excellent service and a really well run business.
It was such a relief to turn our lice problems over to the Lice Lady. Very friendly, efficient, and professional staff, a nice environment to spend the few hours of treatment. Well worth the $$ to treat two long-haired girls. If I'd tried to do it myself, I'd probably still be combing...
  • caro
Lice bad. Lice lady good.
Having a kid with lice is bad enough but then being a mom with lice...! They were kind, compassionate, and thorough. Worth every penny!
  • K.O.
So helpful and nice - now I know where to turn when my children get lice. The friendly staff at MN Lice lady also gave us helpful tips at prevention.
  • Alison Midden
I returned for a head check and just made the 30 day deadline My girls had been playing with neighbors who had an infestation and were re-infested and received a free complete treatment! The experience exceeded my expectations and we are now free of lice and have begun a practice of keeping hair braided or in a bun-per recommendation from Minnesota Lice lady
  • Jeff Worden
Excellent Service at Short Notice
We are very happy with the professional and helpful service. Nothing gets rid of lice except combing out the NTSC, and the staff did a great, thorough job. The salon is nicely set up, and there were movies to entertain the kids. Highly recommended.
Juli Thompson


My entire family needed treatment. MN Lice Lady fit us all in the next day. While we were there they made us feel incredibly comfortable. They explained how this happened, what we should do once we get home and every step they took during the treatment. They kept us sane by doing the job right and taking all the stress off our shoulders. We cannot thank everyone there enough!
  • Amie J.

MN Lice Lady
We went here over the weekend to treat my daughter's hair. The staff was very friendly and helpful. We learned a lot during the visit. I have already referred them to other friends. Now, fingers crossed that we remain lice-free!! Thank you
  • Andrea B.
A wonderful service!
The MN Lice Ladies were fabulous! It's a great feeling to know that they got all of the lice out of my daughter's hair - and were so kind in the process. Thank you!!
  • Happy Customer!!
Thank you for piece of mind!
I can't thank the staff enough for their compassion, know-how and friendliness when 2 of the 4 peeps in our family had lice. It was worth every penny to know that we are free of the critters and that we are not the only ones dealing with this! Highly recommend, and, while I hope not to return anytime soon for treatment, I will be spreading (ha ha) the word!
  • K.V.
Well worth the money
The staff was very kind and efficient in their work. I highly recommend the Lice Lady and wish we'd gone in sooner.
  • L.P.
Great resource
Great experience with at the Lice Lady! It was my daughter's first time with lice and they were thorough and gave me great piece of mind, which really makes a difference. And their knowledge about lice also makes one feel much better equipped to prevent/detect/deal with it in the future.
  • Amy H.
Experience, knowledge and no more nits!
They were very positive, sympathetic to our situation and knowledgeable about lice. They checked our family and our 5 year old daughter went through the full treatment and they were very patient with her. I felt good about the guarantee since we have had an ongoing problem since July. We will be here at the first site of lice next time... Thank you!!
  • Erin W.
I had battled with my daughter's head lice for over a week, but still could not rid our house of the pest. Ultimately, I got the head lice as well. MN Lice Lady was fantastic. The entire staff made the situation comfortable. In just one treatment we were lice free. I will never attempt getting rid of head lice myself again. I will continue to recommend to all my friends what to do if they get lice - go to MN Lice Lady! Thank you!!
  • Jessica S.
all schools should give this website
I went on line after pulling every item in my house to wash or bag and giving my kids a RID treatment. I found Mn lice lady and made an appointment for the next day. It is worth every penny! I walked out feeling clean and educated.
  • K.G.
This was our first experience with lice, so we were a little freaked out to say the least. MN Lice Lady made the experience as pleasant as it could be. They are very knowledgable. I couldn't believe how busy there were! It's definately worth the $.
  • R.M.
Lice lady
I was nervous to go there, but as I walked up to the door a family was leaving and everyone had smiles on their faces and that immediately put me at ease. I just went for a head check and it was quick and maybe even relaxing. The staff there are so nice and know what they are doing.
  • N.M.
Lice free
I have so many positive things to say regarding our experience at MN Lice Lady. Starting with my first phone call, I was put at ease. I was scheduled in the same day I called, giving me a head start on treatment. All 5 of my children were seen, 3 were treated and so was I. The wealth of knowledge from the staff was impressive, and extraordinary. The follow up treatment, and head checks were very thorough. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.
  • Palm A.
A huge relief!!
Took my two daughters to visit the Lice Ladies and after three hours we all came home happy and lice-free. I can't tell you how informative, helpful and fun they were. If you can enjoy a de-licing session, we did!!
  • M.R.F.
Great Service
First time coming here for a head check. They were quick, very friendly. I am a daycare provider, and had a child in my daycare with an outbreak of headlice. I needed to make sure it did not pass to me. I didn't have someone to check me so it was great to find out there was a business out there to help. Thanks
  • Karen J.
Wonderful Services
I have been battling lice for about a year now. After a treatment at the Minnesota Lice Lady. I was so relived. I can stop crying now and sleep at night. Sunil was polite. THE EXPERIENCE WAS GREAT. It felt like home with family. The technicians are great. I just had a wonderful, delightful, and calming experience. Thank You Gonne, Sunil, and the wonderful lice technicians you have. I will recommend you to all my friends and anyone needing your services.
  • M.B.
Free at last! Thanks Lice Ladies, we're free of lice!
After 4 treatments of RID and a 3 1/2 hour session of combing her hair, I pulled another live louse from my daughter's head. We had had enough. Lice Ladies made sure there was NO LICE left. thanks!
  • M.K.
Excellent fast service
The MN Lice Lady help rid my daughter of lice. They were so great at making her feel comfortable and enjoy herself when they were working. They provided so much factual information that is so helpful to have and pass on to other families. Making the appointment was so convient online and immediate availability was so important. When my daughter left, she looked like a princess since they put a wonderful 'wrap around braid' on her head.
  • H.S.
Amy was awesome! She explained everything in great detail and put our family's' mind at ease. The facility was very family friendly. Our whole family was together during the process and our kids got to watch a movie of their choice. I only wish I would have investigated this place sooner before wasting so much time and money trying on our own. I highly recommend using MN Lice Lady, especially if you have kids.
  • Warren P.
Terrific, expert service
The MN Lice Lady helped us out again and they did so in a calm, friendly manner. I'd recommend this company to anyone. We scheduled an appt. online, making it very convenient to get the type of service we needed and when we wanted it. The staff is very thorough and informative--I highly recommend this service. It gave our entire family peace of mind knowing that the experts gave us the all clear.
  • Nikki W.
Another positive experience at MN Lice Lady
We encountered head lice again with our children. Based on our previous experience with MN Lice lady, they were our first consideration. I quick call was made and a trip down to the office, for walk in service. We knew we would either get an appointment or some service which was the objective. The entire family received head checks, Mom got a partial treatment and our girls got full treatment. What a relief to our peace of mind. I would recommend Minnesota Lice lady to any one!
  • Jeffrey W.
Super friendly, clean and helpfull. Would recommend to anyone!! No more frustration or unwanted time wasted for us trying to deal with this issue.
  • J.T.
Peace of Mind
Thanks for giving three families peace of mind after three weeks of frustration! Staff was so pleasant, informative and made us feel at ease.
  • Sue S.
We received a notice the second week of kindergarten and had no idea what to look for. Neighbor recommended MN Lice Lady. We are so thankful! Fast, no nonsense, pleasant, friendly. And informative. We had a lot of misconceptions and phantom lice itch! We had a thorough check and all were clear. We were able to resume our weekend with confidence. Thank u!
  • Kelli R.
thanks for peace of mind
We received a notice the second week of kindergarten and had no idea what to look for. Neighbor recommended MN Lice Lady. We are so thankful! Fast, no nonsense, pleasant, friendly. And informative. We had a lot of misconceptions and phantom lice itch! We had a thorough check and all were clear. We were able to resume our weekend with confidence. Thank you!
  • A.F.
Wonderful service, inviting relaxing environment that eased all of our stress and worry;) would recommend to anyone! So happy this service is available . Also thankful the first number I found was too busy leading us here thank you!
  • J.T.
WORTH THE 2.5 hour Drive
The fight is over and the LICE have lost THANKS to the folks at Lice Lady!!! They take time to educate their clients along the journey and they handled my 7 year old daughter with long hair with the utmost care!!
  • Brainerd Clients
Peace of Mind!
After wanting a professional head check, I found MLL to be a great help. They were kind, courteous and took the time needed to make sure we were all in the clear! I'd definitely recommend! Thank you!
  • Michelle H.
Thank You!!!!
One word AMAZING!!!! My daughter is 4 & has very long hair. I put in a good 6 days of work, but would still find nits! MN Lice Lady was my reward! The staff were professional, kind & SO full of knowledge! THANK YOU!!!!!!
  • Lori Y.
Satisfaction Guaranteed!
We were struggling trying to use over the counter products but were unsuccessful! We had to go back for a few checks after the original treatment, but the good thing is, it is guaranteed and they were very persistent and thorough to ensure our satisfaction...which would be lice free! We felt more educated about the problem, as they answered all of our questions and gave suggestions for staying lice free. Definitely recommend! Thanks for your help!
  • A.J.
Thank You!
The team at MN Lice Lady were warm and very comforting. My daughter wasn't scared or ashamed. Everyone was very informative - it was nice learning about something that before seemed so awful. I would recommend this to anyone. Thank you everyone!
  • Mary B.
The people here are all so friendly and with my first experince with Lice with my daughter and in my life they were wonderful. For the ease of dealing with children and lice i would definitley recommend them to everyone!! thanks for all your help! and getting rid of those little pests.
  • Erin B.
Highly Recommend
After feeling that we got the lice problem under control by ourselves, only to discover 2 weeks later that we didn't - we went to The Lice Lady. They are extremely meticulous, professional, sanitary and frown upon the use of chemicals. They guarantee their work, so you know they are going to get the job done right. Plus - the owner (Hannna?) is fantastic. She is passionate about running a great business! Highly recommend.
  • Jen P.
So Worth It.
After I tried RID and felt unsure of the results and exhausted by laundering, I tried MN Lice Lady. My daughter and I needed head checks and my son got a full treatment. I will never waste another cent on RID. This is faster and better. The staff is so friendly and upbeat. They don't sell products and only perform necessary services. They answered every question we had and put my mind truly at ease. They were great with my kids, too.
  • Will's Mom
Highly recommend Minnesota Lice Lady to anyone whose family has lice or wants to get checked out. They do excellent work and use products without all the harsh chemicals. Plus, the treatment works the first time!
  • Lisa P.
After finding out 3 out 5 family members had lice, I decided to go right to Hanna and her team. All the employees were very kind and made us feel right at home. They educated us on the mamy myths of lice. They didn't push products- only offered information if asked. They guarantee their work and sure enough- when we went back for our follow up we were lice/nit free after one treatment. Don't spend your money on OTC products, they don't work. This is worth it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  • Katy S.
Crisis Management
I cannot begin to describe how wonderful Hanna and her team are. In my eyes, forget the term 'technicians' -- they are entomologists, passing on invaluable information about lice, their behaviors, habits and FAQs. They resolved my family's crisis and prepared us for what could be in our future, given two kids under the age of 8 and the pervasiveness of lice in schools today.
  • E.N.
Highly recommended
A very fine experience, pleasant atmosphere, thoughtful technician who explained the lice problem well. All of us were very comfortable. Thank you
  • L.L.
Highly recommend This was the best experience in a bad situation. We did the home treatments a couple of months prior, but apparently it didn't work. My daughter and I received piece of mind and a wealth of information. It was money and time well spent. The staff is friendly, informative and make the customer feel very comfortable.

  • H.V.

Worth it!
We dealt with lice in our house for over a month and about $100 in over the counter product that didn't work. When I heard about MN Lice Lady, we immediately appointment and are now at peace they are gone. The education itself was worth every penny!!! There are far too many myths out there that we are wasting our time on, cleaning, bagging, etc.
  • Jennifer R.
My mind is at rest
My hairdresser spotted a black spot on my head and thought it was lice. I freaked out and used chemicals on my head, cleaned like crazy and then found the services of the Mn Lice Lady. I was happy to have my head checked by professionals that know what they are looking for. Thankfully no lice! I would highly recommend them.
  • Renee H.
Thank you
We had a very pleasant experience. We hope that the follow up will be clear. Everyone was very nice and informative. We appreciate your time and effort to help us with this problem. Thank you!
  • Stephanie W.
What a relief!
My name is savannah and I am 12 yrs old. I went to the MnLice Lady, yesterday. I wasn't nervous at all, everyone was very nice, and very gentle. I don't ever want to have lice again, but if I do, I will go there! My Mom, Nana and brother came along, and they had head checks. Nana and my brother didn't have them, but my Mom did, so they treated her too. We now can be sure the lice are gone! Thank you, to everyone there! Savannah
  • Savannah B.
I love this service! I highly recommend it to anyone who thinks they may have an issue with lice. I was reassured that I did not have it & my technician, Amy, went through all the things I could & should do to help my girls avoid getting it again as well as what I should be doing at home. It was so nice to have someone who is an expert to help me through this painful experience! I will definitely be recommending them to others! Thank you Amy & the rest of the crew at MN Lice Lady!
  • Nicole V.
My sons had lice and I immediately freaked out. I did HOURS of online research & MN lice Lady was the ONLY place I found that offered a solution in only ONE treatment & did not require you to do anything yourself at home. They were super friendly & even called me back after hours to set up treatment times. Super thorough, professional, & so great with the kids. I left feeling completely relieved and informed. Worth every penny and ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! : )
  • Tifany R.
Amazing experience!
We left with PEACE of mind, comfort, and knowledge. The staff were so very kind - very gentle with our kids. Worth every cent!!
  • A.H.
Turning a negative into a positive!
What a great experience! Not only did we take care of the lice problem that found its way into our family, we also were educated about the facts and science. There will be no more panic in our family if this happens again. Thanks so much for turning this into a great learning experience.
  • Cathy R.
Worth Every Cent!
I was absolutely horrified when my daughter contracted head lice from another child at daycare. I couldn't believe it happened to us. Amy was AWESOME with my daughter, taught me a lot, and her thoroughness really put my mind at ease. I can finally stop having nightmares about the little buggers on my baby girls head! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • A.O.
Worth the peace of mind!!
Had a head check. Worth every penny to have piece of mind!! Would highly recommend having head checked even if treated at home!
  • E.K.
I can not agree with the other comments more, after months (7) of dealing with recurring outbreaks in 1 of my 2 children I finally threw in the towel to seek professional treatment. I wish I had never put the nasty chemicals on my children's heads and saved both time and money by seeking out Minnesota Lice Lady's services on day 1. They educate and put worried parents at ease, why aren't there more locations????
  • M.K.
Very satisfied!
I appreciated the expertise, information shared with me (verbally and paper), and the time spent checking me and treating my daughter. We spent 10 days trying to get rid of lice on our own. We were doing a "good job," in that it was a limited number of nits, but if you are not 100%, you still have it. Next time I will head right to the Lice Lady and save my family a lot of time and stress!
  • Natalie S.
Stress relief!!
I was so stressed at having a recurring lice problem with my daughter and not knowing what to do to solve it. The lice lady took all those worries away and gave me the CORRECT information about lice and what need to be done to get rid of it forever! They do a fabulous job... well worth the money!
  • Maya M.
lice is annoying but the lice lady makes such a difference!
We dealt with lice a couple years ago and it was very stressful. Days and hours of hand picking each nit and bug. None of the products you buy at the store helped. The only true way is to just remove them all by hand. That's why this time we headed straight to the Lice Lady. It was such a relief to have someone else do it and have that security. Even my poor three month old baby had it and they were so patient and kind while treating her. Well worth the money!
  • Elie M.
A great experience
The whole family got treated one hair at a time in a comfortable environment with people who really care. If you're worried about lice this is the place to take care of everything for you!
  • Linda Z.
The investment in a visit to the Lice Lady provides such an amazing return. Worth every penny to know we are in the clear. Thank you!
  • Siri
The team at MN Lice Lady was so helpful and friendly and put us at ease regarding my son's lice. We would definately recommend them to anyone who has lice or thinks they might have lice.
  • Jennifer F.
The ladies and MN lice lady are amazing and so knowledgeable. It was worth every penny for the peace of mind that I felt having the lice ladies take care of my childs lice. Plus, I didn't have to go home and clean the house because I was educated about lice and how long they would survive away from a food source. I highly recommend this service!
  • Helen K.
The folks at mnlicelady are awesome! From the minute you walk in the door you feel welcome. The employees do a great job educating and answering questions. The salon is very kid friendly which helps the process go faster. I thought I had got all the nits before I went, but they still found nits and live ones. Just shows that doing it at home is almost a wasted effort. I highly recommend letting the pros handle your lice removal.
  • M.K.
Everyone is so calm, helpful and so full of information about lice. I left feeling calm, not all freaked out about those little buggers!
  • Debbie L.
Amy was just wonderful! We are so thankful for her calm demeanor and reassuring attitude about this gross problem. Thank you!
  • Meredith Johnson

Peace of mind! Great education! Positive atmosphere! I've dreaded our first lice encounter for years. We immediately called the experts at Minnesota Lice Lady. They completely cleared every head, educated us, handled follow ups, and calmed mommy's nerves. Most of all, they operated in such a positive, reassuring, calm manner. We have sent all friends and playmates their way for head checks. Lice are a fact of life. Minnesota Lice Lady is a partner and a blessing. We are very grateful! Murphy Family
  • Cindy M.
We called for an appointment and they told us exactly what to do until they could see us the next day. They were extremely kind, and helpful! We are lice free & thrilled with our experience there!
  • Amy S.
Served with Kindness and Professionalism
If I ever have lice again, I will definitely be back. The staff was professional and very kind. I appreciated the time a staff member spent answering all of my questions. I was impressed how well their office is setup.
  • L.B.
Saved our Vacation!
Our vacation plans were on the line when I spotted a nit on my daughter's itchy head. With a plane departure in four hours, we hastily finished our packing and headed to Minnesota Lice Lady's salon. They found eggs and lice on three family members. The salon graciously adjusted their schedule to accommodate us. They diligently and swiftly combed, treated and re-combed our hair. We were able to make our flight and enjoy our vacation. Thank you Minnesota Lice Lady!
  • L.H.
Peace of Mind!!
Do not waste any time worrying or any money on any other lice treatment. Just call Minnesota Lice Lady. They will take great care of you and give you real peace of mind about the situation you are in. The people were so kind and extremely patient with my special needs daughter who hates getting her hair combed. They could not be nicer or more thorough at their job. They made an unpleasant situation very bearable and offered true peace of mind.
  • Stacey B.
Glad I was referred

My neighbor's family had lice a month or so ago and told us about you. So glad she did! Was very happy!

  • Rachel Nash

What a relief

We discovered my son had lice when we tried to get him a haircut one week before we were scheduled to go out of the country. We had never had lice in the family before, so I was overwhelmed. We booked an appointment online within an hour. She took care of both my sons and me! She reassured us with many facts and myth busters that set my mind at ease. We are due for a follow-up in a few days, and I have every confidence we'll be off on our trip next week with no lice on board.

  • M.K.B.

Very Professional

I was very at ease and comforted. It was easy and fast and professional. Thank you for your help. Will pass on info to anyone who needs help. Thank you!
  • Tracy M.

So Grateful!

The MN Lice Lady staff is tremendous--so knowledgable, so thorough, so kind! They gave us complete peace of mind that ALL the lice were eradicated. It was worth every cent! Will recommend them to anyone dealing with a lice crisis. Thank you!!!
  • Nadia A.

Clean up each thread of hair

Glad I brought my daughter in! Professional staff and they did a thorough job. I would recommend them to everyone.
  • Derrick G

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

After attempting to treat my daughter, myself and my husband and learning it did not help... we found MN Lice Lady and are beyond thankful! Both my daughter and I feel comfortable knowing that they were able to fully treat and remove all of the lice. THANK YOU!

  • Trisha R

help found
Awesome friendly service! And it works! Will recommend to anyone in need of lice removal. Thank you for all your help!
  • Edina Mom

Thank you! Wonderful service - if you end up with lice, MN Lice Lady is the way to deal with it. Staff are compassionate and skilled. Well worth the money.

  • J.K.

Peace of mind! The staff at Minnesota Lice Lady was so helpful in dealing with the stress of lice and giving us back our peace of mind! Thank you so much for your safe, caring treatments. You are wonderful!

  • Ann E.

You guys ROCK! The service you offered was awesome,and the knowledge shared by the technicians will be a great help in the future!

  • DeAnna V.

Thank You! So frustrated with OTC products and then having the lice return! Decided no more pesticides going on my kids' heads! Found Minnesota Lice Lady and thought I would give it a try! They were very busy that day, but accommodated us all! Such a relief to finally feel like we are getting closer to getting rid of the lice for good! So much helpful information as well!!!

  • S.F.

So helpful!
We'd done a couple rounds of treatment at home, and it is so nice to have it ALL GONE now! So nice to have them check my head, too--I have no family in town, and was embarrassed to ask a friend.
  • M.A.

Highly recommended!
This was my first experience with lice so I had no idea what we were in for. I could tell my son was apprehensive driving there not knowing what they were going to do to him. We were both so pleasantly surprised. The place was bright, upbeat and kid friendly. We watched a movie and they brought the kids cookies while we de-liced!!! They were very knowledgable about the problem and were so friendly. Such a pleasant experience for a stressed out mom!

  • A.B.

After dealing with the third round of lice at our house, I was fed up and decided to seek help from the experts! So blessed to have found Minnesota Life Lady, this place is awesome! I am praying we are lice free from here on out!

  • Sara W.

Great to have friendly experts deal with the lice--and to know it's fully taken care of! Recommend.

  • Britt A.
Lice a pleasant experience?
Can you say that having lice is a pleasant experience? Yes, you can! MN Lice Lady made having lice an experience that we will never forget and not because it was bad. We discovered our little critters late on a holiday weekend. No hair places were open at 8pm to get the lice picking essentials a Mom would need. I called MN Lice Lady and was told to stop cleaning, relax and enjoy my holiday. We made an appointment for Monday and waited knowing how to prevent lice from taking residence on someone elses head. Monday we arrived and were taken care of so well. They checked Mom too which I was surprised but low and behold they found my head too. The movies were age appropriate, snacks were amazing! (we were there for 6 hours!) My twins walked out having so much knowledge about lice and felt empowered they were raving about MN Lice Lady where ever they went. I can't begin to tell you how much I love these ladies who painstakingly make sure there are no nits of bugs in your family's hair. They educate at the same time and dispel the many myths that are out there. Thank you MN Lice Ladies for giving us the confidence of knowing you are taking care of the problem so diligently, although we had a wonderful time and have scheduled our follow-up appointments, I hope we don't have to visit you again. But if we do get infested again, you will be the first call I make.
  • Mike W., Ham Lake

No More Lice!
What a relief to call the MN Lice Lady and let her take over. She's caring and thorough. Perfect for this situation.
  • C.B., Minnetonka
All the reviews are true!
Wonderful people, wonderful service! Extremely child friendly. Super professional, passionate and full of knowledge about lice management and prevention. A truly valuable and positive experience. A very fair and honest approach to the hourly rate.
  • K.S., Minneapolis
Saved Us!
Couldn't be more pleased! They did a wonderful job and were very thorough! If we ever have to deal with this again, we'll definitely be coming back!!
  • Kristen A., Delano
Wonderful Experience
They made a stressful situation so much better. Very thankful for the service.
  • Ann S, White Bear Lake
Excellent Service
We had a potential case that turned out to be negative, but the technicians at MN Lice Lady were extremely accomodating, friendly and very good at what they did. Would recommend any friend to go to them.
  • Jill F, Saint Paul
Thank you for the peace of mind
I completed an in-home treatment for my son and still had no idea whether I had taken care of the problem or would still have issues. The lice lady was educational, helpful and I felt confident in the results. I would recommend the staff to anyone that gets lice. Its peace of mind and worth the time and expense (which would have been a lot more if I just did the OTC approach because I missed nits and would have had to redo it in a month plus it would have impacted so many more people.
  • Shawn D, Chanhassen
I was scared, horrified and unsure. Hanna and Margaret were amazing and intelligent and calmed our fears. Thank you for turning a disgusting experience into a learning experience!
  • Amy C., Edina

Words of Advise
Twin Cities area moms and dads, if your child ends up with lice, don't waste time treating it yourself, go directly to Minnesota Lice Lady, they know their stuff!!! We became wise to Gracie's critters on Friday and didn't learn of this awesome service until today. Not really knowing what to do, never having been in this situation, we spent every moment cleaning and picking through everyones heads. I thought I had done a pretty good job until I took her in for a check today for a little peace of mind. I found that I didn't do as well as I thought I did (not a big surprise, I had no clue what I was doing). They are experienced, knowledgeable and THOROUGH! Even better, they offer a guarantee! Seriously, WORTH EVERY PENNY! Honestly, it didn't cost much more than all the other stuff we bought at Walgreens (which left lice behind), and consumed hours of our lives!! Hope you never have to use them, but if you find yourself in this situation, call them right away.
  • Theresa M., Lakeville

What a relief!
My hairdresser gave me the card for MN Lice Lady when she discovered  lice on my kids head. It was our first experience and I was panicked. I called and they were so kind and calming. It was so great to talk to an expert, not just a website! We got in right away the next day and spent 3 hours de-licing us all. They treated us very nice and I felt thankful!
  • Gracie, K, Minneapolis

Because They Care
I went in today after booking my online appointment a couple days ago. I was running a little late (getting lost in the city since im not from around there but from South Dakota) I traveled 4 hours and 30 minutes to get to Edina, Mn. On the way there my daughter and I were seriously infested with lice and nits. I was stressed out about the "what ifs" "what if I get there and they can't help" "what if they say I didn't try hard enough to get rid of them on my own" and "what if I just traveled all this why and spent all this money and they don't do a good job" well I left there thinking that I could not have ever done as great of job as they did! Most defiantly the best way to have spenty money with dealing with the lice. They were kind, didn't judge and they really are just normal people helping you out because they care. They have tons of patience!!! Although I never have to see these people again, if I ever have to deal with another lice problem I will defiantly go back to see them. They are totally worth their price! 
  • Rebecca P, South Dakota

Thank you, MN Lice Lady!

Thank you, MN Lice Lady! I wasn't sure if my son had lice so we came in and he received a warm welcome and a thorough head check. He was lice free but just to make sure, and without my asking, my daughter was checked over too. We were given lots of information and the kids were able to see a louse through a microscope. We were lucky this time, but we will be back if we ever need help with lice in the future!

  • Kim, P., Saint Paul

Quick and Easy
After dealing with my daughter's lice last year, I went to the MN Lice Lady right away and it was much easier, cheaper and less expensive and less stressful than doing it yourself!! It is worth the money!!
  • Joan M., Minneapolis
The Only Way to Go
I could barely see the nits in my son's hair and knew I would never get them all out myself. The lice ladies got it all out on the first trip. Best money I've spent (and it really helps to get their advice on what else you really need to do to your house - if I had listened to my co-workers, I would still be fumigating my house :)
  • Satisfied Mom, Edina
Quick Response and Courteous Service
We showed up at the salon without an appointment, and were checked, declared nit-free and sent off with an lice repellant in short order. We had an easy and professional experience.
  • Kristin J, South Minneapolis
Best Service Around
What an extraordinary group of professionals! The entire team made the experience positive. I wish I would have found them right away and saved countless hours of frustrating combing at home. We left feeling educated and at ease about the situation. This is by far the best service around!
  • Melissa G., Blaine

Awesome Experience!
Such a pleasant experience. My kids are 2yrs and 1yr and they were awesome with them. Fast, accurate and friendly!! Will definitely use again if need be!!

  • Kim S., Lakeville
The Lice Lady did a wonderful job with my 4 children. She was thorough, informative and made the kids feel not only comfortable but made them laugh and even feel special in the process. Highly recommend her.uch a pleasant experience. My kids are 2yrs and 1yr and they were awesome with them. Fast, accurate and friendly!! Will definitely use again if need be!!

  • Jack W., Minneapolis
One less thing to worry about!
We had been dealing with lice in our daughter since October. Went in to get it taken care of since I was going crazy. They made us feel right at home and took care of the problem. With 3 kids and one with a brain tumor the less I need to worry about the better. Thank you so much!!!!!! 
  • Danielle B, Shakopee
Very professional and inviting
we had an outbreak at our son's school so we went to the MN Lice Lady to get checked out. They were very warm and inviting and best of all VERY informative. We were clean and it was a huge piece of mind to know we were 'ok'!
  • Jennifer F., Elk River
Wish I had known about the MN Lice Lady sooner!
The moment I discovered lice in my daughter's hair I began to feel itchy myself. I have a ton of hair and no one to check through it. I had a head check at the MN Lice Lady and they assured me that I was lice free. It was a very small price to pay for peace of mind. They were helpful, informative and had integrity. They didn't take advantage of my by trying to sell me things that I didn't need (and would have quickly paid for). I wish I had known about this salon sooner!
  • B.N., Shakopee
Save your sanity
All my anxieties about lice were totally erased after visiting the lice lady. We had 3 people with lice and spent a weekend cleaning, drying, bagging, shampooing, combing and combing. But after 1 hour with the lice lady the 3 of us were lice free and my life much easier. I wish I would have started there. Lice lady should educate all schools.
  • Laura V, Minneapolis
Best money I've ever spent
My four year old got lice from daycare and after a week of messing around with toxic over the counter treatments (that didn't work) I took her to MN Lice Lady. They took care of the issue in one treatment and I've never been happier! makes me wish I knew about their service before I ever tried the home treatments.
  • Mary S., Minneapolis

We are so relieved.
We are very glad that we could take care of this all at one time and be done with it. I didn't know what lice looked like or how to be sure to get rid of it. MN Lice Ladies did a great job. I love the guarantee!

  • Melissa P, Saint Paul
Well worth the time and money
They checked the whole family and found lice on 2 of us. Cleaned us within a few hours - TONS better that what I could do at home. Gonne knows hwer stuff and is passionate about it. We learned a ton about these pests and what to do at home. I hope to note need then again, but I recommend the MN Lice Lady in a heartbeat!
  • K.U., South Minneapolis

Toddler Mom
I have a 2 year old, very busy, little girl who had nits. The Lice Lady team could not have been more friendly and accomodating to her during her 90+ minute treatment! I only wish I could get her to sit still so well! Truly, the education and professionalism we received was priceless.

  • Jodi M, Edina

A parents best friend
This is the second time our daughter had lice. The first episode was a disaster- shampooing, picking until 1:30 in the morning night after night. Thank goodness for MN Lice Lady! Thanks to Hanah and assistants my family got the live under control and our lives back to normal after just one visit!! I was amazed at the professionalism, kindness and compassion she exuded. Her friendly and determined approach put my daughter at ease. I highly recommend MN Lice Lady to my neighbors and everyone else. 

  • Bill N, Minneapolis

MN Lice Lady saved me from insanity!

My daughter had lice and it spread to the rest of her family (6 of us) . When I found it, we spent countless hours going through my daughter's and other kid's hair, washing bedding and everything in site! It was a horrible week. I heard about MN Lice Lady and called. She gave me alot of information which really helped me get back some peace in the situation. We spend a whole day with her "delicing" us. She was so accomodating and it felt so good to know that the problem was DONE!!!
  • Suzanne D, Minneapolis
Loved this service!
I was very optimistic at first but after going I would use this service if needed again in the future! Which I hope will not happen:) Everyone was very friendly! They were very knowledgable and let me know everything they were doing. My Three year old even sat still for the treatment:) Great Company and Highly recommend! It is one of those costs that you never want but it is well worth it in the end!
  • K.B., Saint Paul
I hate lice
I am happy we have someone in our neighborhood to help with those things I don't seem to be good at doing--picking out the lice. We are lice free in our household now, thank goodness.
  • Martha P, Edina
Normalized the lice experience
Best money spent this year! I felt confident in the work that was done on my daughter's hair. She was comfortable through the entire process. I could not have done the job that the staff at MN Lice Lady did!
  • Amy Johnson, South Minneapolis


save yourself time and money
Auntie gets lice from nephew. Bad case. I got four friends to comb out ninety minutes each after two toxic shampoos. went to lice lady cause i was still itching. She declared me lice-free. Yippee! Great vibe at the place. I'd have done better to go straight there and take care of it all in short order!
  • Marian M, Minneapolis
There is not a more top quality professional in the business with a heart as big as they come and a true passion for providing the highest quality service. Customer service is not a thing of the past when you deal with Gonne Asser, the Minnesota Lice Lady!
  • M.C., Saint Paul

Gonne is awesome! And Margaret too! We would never been able to get all the lice and nits out of our oldest daughter. She made us feel normal too which is so validating now. Plus the time we spent was good company! She is so easy to relate to, understanding, loving, has the research based knowledge, certification, and is just a great, sweet person that comes through instantly.

  • A.L. (family of four), South Minneapolis

Gonne is my favorite person right now! She certainly bailed us out of a very frustrating situation. After 2 weeks of treatments, cleaning, nit-picking and at least $400 spent on all three, we gave up and called her. She came up to Elk River last week and treated my daughter and checked my husband. We were able to do a re-check on Sunday at her house and my daughter was CLEAN! Thank you so much Gonne for your help. I can't tell you how much we appreciate it. She was very friendly and professional. We will definitely call her first if we ever run into this again!

  • N.R. (family of three), Elk River

If you are unfortunate enough to get head lice, you MUST call the Minnesota Lice Lady IMMEDIATELY! Gonne is a godsend! She came quickly to help and had so much knowledge that she calmed my fears! I feel so much more educated, and if this ever happens again, I'm confident I will be able to take care of it quickly. She also worked with my schedule to ensure that we went to bed that night lice-free! She was patient, humorous and gentle, all qualities that a good parent needs. Thank you for EVERYTHING!

  • K.B. (mom with 1 daughter), Cottage Grove

Thank you for all your services in helping our family deal with lice. Most importantly, you've educated me, which doesn't necessarily make it less traumatic - but knowledge is key!

You are so very good at what you do and I will recommend you to anyone I ever encounter that has to go through this ordeal.

  • J.V., Minneapolis

My heart dropped when I got the call from the school nurse that two of my kids had lice. We'd dealt with it multiple times the year before and it just sucked hours and hours from our family life. I knew from experience just how much patience and through 'picking' it requires to get rid of those nasty bugs - and how much my daughter hated sitting still through the checks of her long hair. 

What a relief to be able to call for help - they are pros! Unbelievable patience, kindness, and calm in what can be a frustrating and stressful situation. that utilizes non-toxic products, and their expert advice to getting your household lice-free. And I love the Myths/Facts portion of the website - so helpful to have all of that so well organized in one spot to educate yourself."

  • P.C. (mom with three kids), South Minneapolis

"I called the Minnesota Lice Lady, and just about the first thing I said was "I'm freaking out!" Gonne calmed my nerves, talked me through the process, came over and took care of business. I am incredibly thankful, because I do not want to use toxic products and I do not want parasites living on my family. Gonne is talented and helpful and kind, and I am grateful."

  • S.P., Minneapolis

We had been dealing with lice for 7 months using all sorts of commercial products and combs. Then we discovered the Minnesota Lice Lady's incredible expertise and fabulous products.  It might sound like an exaggeration, but we seriously followed all the instructions on all the products we bought (and boy were we good customers) and nothing ever worked?!

She was so patient with our children. They were so sick of the whole thing that they had tears at the thought of one more lice shampoo, but she took care of them.  It took a few hours for each of them (she is so patient, its unbelievable!) and if it happened again, I wouldn't hesitate one second to come back."

  • Mother of three kids, Highland Saint Paul
I found the Minnesota Lice Lady and finally stopped crying.  One of my children said, 'Mom - if we ever get bugs again you have to call the Lice Lady - she really knows how to do this so it doesn't pull my hair - and she also made it all ok.' "
  • Mother of 4 kids, Edina
Gonne came within hours and took charge of our lice problem. She was super kind and caring to my daughter (who is naturally very shy) and was also very focused and knowledgeable about getting rid of her lice. My daughter has been lice free ever since and I'm grateful!!"
  • Mother of 2 girls, South Minneapolis

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