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In 2003 lice paid an unwelcome visit to our family. Panicked I called one of our closest and dearest friends Katy for advice. She quickly told me the OTC products didn't work and that she had just finished a 3 week epic lice battle on her son. In 15 minutes she landed on our doorstep (what a GODsend!) with the right tools, study backed information and her exceptional compassion to eradicate lice.

With a background in crisis management in social services and feeling utterly GRATEFUL, I found myself paying it forward to other families in our school community for the next 7 years. In 2010 after being prodded by family and friends, I turned this homegrown volunteer endeavor into Minnesota Lice Lady. We've grown over the years but have stayed true to our mission:

We completely take over this lousy responsibility with humor, expertise, compassion and (YES!) fun, so you and your family can get back to the joy of life! 


Gonne with Edina Host Amy

Our commitment to each of our families is to ensure lice is eradicated, while we pour humor and compassion on each client, to create the change we would love to see in the world. Here's to enjoying life lice free!

                                                                                   Gonne Asser, Founder and CEO

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