Experienced and Professional Lice and Nit Removal

Machines, chemicals and combs will not remove all nits from your hair,
Our proven strand-by-strand process will leave you completely 
nit and lice free


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Available days, evenings and weekends by appointment. Click to Book now.
Walk-ins are welcome M-F 10:00am to 4:00pm at our Edina location for head checks. Call 612.564.0678, book online or email: info@mnlicelady.com to check immediate availability.


Based on studies, visual screenings are 4 times less effective in identifying an active infestation than screening with a professional grade nit comb. Therefore, Minnesota Lice Lady raises the bar and ONLY screens using a professional grade nit comb for each person. We have used this technique from the beginning knowing that with lice, precision is vital.

  • $10 short hair; $20 long hair

  • Please allow up to 15 minutes per head check. Charge waived with full treatment.

Head Checks

Full Lice Removal Treatment (per lice technician)

As the first full lice removal business and clinic in the 9 state area, we have the experience (40,000+ treatments) to eradicate your infestation in one sitting. But we don't stop there; to ensure you will be DONE WITH LICE we are the only business in the nation to guarantee all treatments (with a paid follow-up), to 60 days. Minnesota Lice Lady uses an all natural approach, a combination of expert combing with a meticulous strand-by-strand method to ensure each infestation is eradicated in one sitting. In addition, we are certified and credentialed to the highest standards in the industry.

Regular Hours in Clinic - Full Lice Removal (per lice technician) 


15-30 minutes: Short above ear cut and majority of moms with mild cases $25-$50

.75 - 1.25 hour: Shoulder length hair with medium infestations $75-$125

1.75-2+ hours: Thicker hair, Hair to waist, Severe infestations $175-$200+

*Examples of typical cases. Each situation is unique. ONLY pay for what you need to get rid of lice.

After Hours in Clinic - Full Lice Removal Treatment (per lice technician)

  • $145 minimum

  • $145/hour incremental

  • $15 Terminator Nit Comb fee

  • By appointment, only when available

  • Monday - Saturday:
         7am - 9:30am
         6pm - 10pm

  • Sunday: 
         7am - 10pm

In Home - Head Checks and Full Lice Removal Treatment (per lice technician)

  • $175 minimum first hour

  • $150/additional hour (incremental)

  • $15 Terminator Nit Comb fee per Full Lice Removal

  • Trip Charge:
    $30 inside 494/694 
    $1/mile additional outside 494/694 

  • By appointment only

  • Monday - Sunday:
         7am - 10pm

Follow-up (within 3-7 days of initial treatment)

  • Required for guarantee

  • $20 short hair; $25 long hair (in clinic only)

  • Typical time: 15 - 45 minutes

  • Booked mornings only

  • No show or 12 hour cancellation fee of $20/$25 per appointment

  • Compare Costs to see how much head lice has cost many families before they have come to see us.

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School Screenings

  • $3 per head check - for one class, an entire grade or whole school

  • minimum $125 

  • Book with manager with minimum 3 days lead time

  • Within 25 mile radius from Edina Salon or $25 trip charge (ask for details)

Daycare Centers

  • $3 per head check - for one class, an entire grade or whole school

  • minimum $125 

  • Book with manager with minimum 3 days lead time

  • Within 25 mile radius from Edina Salon or $25 trip charge (ask for details)


  • $1 screenings at camp bus stop

  • Free screenings in salon week to 3 days prior to start of camp

  • Campers receive 15% discount for lice removal at salon

Pro Bono and Reduced Rates for Treatments Only

  • Life Threatening Illness: Please contact us for more information about reduced rates for families living with a life threatening illness

  • Military Discount 10%: Active Duty, Veterans, Retirees, Reservists and their dependents

  • Senior Citizen Discount 10%: 65 years and older

60 DAY GUARANTEE (Your Peace of Mind)

All full treatments with a follow-up (within 3-7 days) include a 60 day guarantee. The follow-up treatment must be performed to ensure there is no re-infestation and all lice and nits are removed in order for the guarantee to be honored. In order for 60 day guarantee to go into effect, all members of household living with client must be checked within 24 hours, treated and given a follow-up by MN Lice Lady if evidence of an infestation is found. Client must come in for their free "Guarantee Head Check" on or before 60 days from paid follow-up for guarantee to be honored. Read finer print here.


  • Free phone consultations 24/7 for your peace of mind

  • School and parent educational seminars

  • Lice treatment products available for sale at our Edina and Apple Valley locations during business hours and online

  • For additional information and free downloads click here