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Training Length?

  • Are they certified by a reputable institute to do lice removal treatments?

  • Are their staff in training full-time for at least 2 months?

  • Any outside recognition? Awards?

Our organization is certified, part of the NALTP a national accreditation with the highest standards in the industry, has received the prestigious Jefferson Award for Public Service, been publicized multiple times and trains staff a minimum of 3 months before they are able to provide services unsupervised. We work hard to ensure our organization excels at one thing: eliminating lice.


  • Do they offer a guarantee for their services that extends past 3 weeks when missed nits become adults into a rebound infestation?

Any reputable organization provides a guarantee. What sets us apart from all others in the country is our unmatched 60 Day Guarantee. We go above and beyond to not only ensure you will not have a rebound, but also will protect you from re-infestation from a friend. We mean it when we say we will take over the responsibility for your lice outbreak.  


  • Do they do a follow-up or recheck within 7 days to ensure that all lice and nits are gone and there has been no re-infestation from others?

The gold standard in healthcare is to have follow-up care. At MN Lice Lady we adhere to the best practices to ensure an infestation is eradicated successfully in the most efficient and effective methods possible. Our commitment is to be with clients every step of the way to total elimination.  


  • Do they visually inspect hair strand by strand for nits and bugs missed by the nit comb?

Only Combing is not 100% effective in eradicating an infestation in one sitting. To ensure success we include a meticulous strand-by-strand step with our all natural combing. Though it requires more skill and extensive training, we are committed to using industry best practices to eradicate infestations in one sitting. And it shows. We have over 1000 5 Star Reviews on Genbook!

Clients Comb at Home?

  • Do they expect clients to do daily at home combings after their service is done?

As the oldest nitpicking business in the surrounding 8 area, we have built our organization with the integrity of delivering all aspects of care. We confidently assure all clients that no case is too difficult for us to eradicate. We have the expert experience to navigate all hair types and infestation levels with all stages of a child's development. Clients are never expected to do any part of the lice removal regime; we are the professionals.

Pushing Products?

  • Is client required to buy products?

Products can effectively repel lice from close contacts that have not been professionally checked or treated. Some claim nits or immature lice are microscopic and products will kill them when they "grow". All lice and nits at all stages of development are visible to the naked eye. These claims are completely false. In addition lice do not inhabit our home environments or transfer via common objects. So products claiming to kill lice in the environment are fake and not based on research.

Product or Device Kills?

  • Are there claims that the product or device will kill 100% of lice and nits?

Unfortunately based on the latest studies on human head lice, there are no products or devices that are 100% pesticidal or ovicidal (able to kill the lice or their nits). Over the last 50 years lice have grown resistant to each generation of pesticides. Expert combing combined with meticulous strand-by-strand nit picking is the gold standard to eliminate an infestation. 

Treat Everyone?

  • Can the treatment be done on everyone?

  • Or is the treatment not safe for all or too difficult on certain heads?

All our products are safe for all ages; they are both non-pesticidal and non-chemical. Our lice removal regimen is also safe and utilized on all clients. When medical conditions dictate, we are fully adaptable to administer lice removal services for clients who need it. We are committed to each client in each situation, to get them to the other side in style.  

Quarantine Rooms?

  • Does client have to clean their entire house and bag every item for the guarantee?

The research is clear. Lice do not live in the environment or on common objects. Lice infest humans via hair to hair transmission from an infested person. Studies have shown that lice are very careful not to fall into the environment and nits need to be incubated at precise heat and humidity levels in order to hatch. In addition, a newly hatched louse needs immediate access to human blood to stay hydrated in order to be able to feed. Extensive cleaning or quarantining items is not based on latest research and our guarantee has never been contingent on cleaning. 

Pricing Posted?
Hidden Fees?

  • Is pricing structure clearly posted?

Reputable organizations are transparent about all aspects of their service, including prices. Surprise fees for thicker hair, up-charges for using more product, bait and switch approaches where client is require to do at home treatments, etc are all methods employed to make a quick buck, not to ensure a client's infestation has been eliminated. We have been transparent with all our pricing from the beginning. Because we're humans too and that's how we would want to be treated. 

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