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Developed culturally appropriate and adapted all natural lice removal treatment regimen for poverty stricken children in Kolkata, India

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Partnered and collaborated with Non-profit Pathways to Children to deliver lice removal services to children with lifelong lice infestations in Kolkata, India

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Trained 5 Delasalle High School students prior to missions trip on

  • lice identification

  • lice removal

  • lice life cycle

  • lice transmission

  • latest research

  • treatment options

  • cultural norms, expectations and sensitivity

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Donated over 50 Terminator Nit Combs and lice removal supplies to Jan Seva a school in Kolkata, India so staff could continue to provide services when needed  

Samantha, Hannah Gracey lice tx Kolkata.
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Delasalle Students Kolkata, India
March, 2014

MN Lice Lady trained Delasalle students and staff on culturally appropriate lice removal for impoverished children with lifelong infestations
at Jan Seva School, Kolkata, India

MN Lice Lady Owners Jefferson Award
April, 2014

Owners of MN Lice Lady Gonne Asser and Sunil Bawa receive Jefferson Award for Public Service for Outstanding Community Service for creating culturally adapted lice removal services and training to Delasalle students for India missions trip.

Delasalle Students Jefferson Award
April, 2014

Five Delasalle High School Students receive Jefferson Award for Public Service for Outstanding Community Service for removing lice on impoverished children, and training staff at
Jan Seva School, Kolkata, India

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