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Repel and Detect Infestations Before They Take Hold

Lice note in backpack? No fear! You are prepared with the best defense on the market!

  • Minnesota Lice Lady's Repel Detangler shields hair from lice beautifully as it also conditions with essential oils, organic plants and vitamins
  • Minnesota Lice Lady's Expel Nit Comb expert design rakes up and detects lice the day it's climbed over

Our ingredients are top of the line and always natural with no sulfates, parabens, chemicals or pesticides. Comes with detailed instructions on most accurate head check procedures.

Repel and Detect Kit

SKU: 366615376135191
  • Kit Includes:
    1 Expel Terminator Nit Comb

    • To Sanitize - boil for 15 minutes
    • To Clean - fan tines under running water to remove lice and nits

    1 Repel Detangler 8 oz

  • USPS Priority 3-5 Business Days

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